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    Construction site Terminal 3

    Baustelle Terminal 3

    Construction site Terminal 3

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    Frankfurt Airport Terminal 3 - Animation

    Terminal 3 Animationsfilm 2019 EN

    Aerial Shots


    Frankfurt Airport City

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    Aircraft Movements


    Take Off and Touch Down,?Taxiing on the apron

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    Advance taxiing


    Time lapse, taxiing on the apron, work on the apron (pushback, Follow-Me, Frictiontester), air traffic controllers at work

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    Pier A-Plus


    Aircraft movements,Time lapse, Retail

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    Ground Services


    Apron?and handling, cargo handling, baggage handling system control center, underground baggage handling system, Perishables - Cargo, Frankfurt Animal Lounge

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    A 380


    Landing, Taxiway and Hangar

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    Passenger services


    Terminal inside 1

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    Combination of transport modes: road, rail and air.

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    Overnight runway construction


    Nighttime?maintenance of aircraft movement area

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